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Do you suffer from serious or long-term headaches?
Has it been difficult to find effective relief?
The Headache Clinic may be what you have been looking for.

Most of us get headaches now and again; however, for some people, these can be much more serious and persistent, making getting through the day or night truly difficult, sometimes for years at a time. Such headaches may not have responded in the past to even the best of professional help.

Head and neck pain can arise from many different sources, including muscles, ligaments, joints, discs and the lining of the brain and spinal cord (meninges); often, the symptoms can have more than one cause, a fact sometimes missed by even the best healthcare professionals: for example, misaligned jaw joints can often affect the neck, giving rise to headache; physical tension from past trauma may give rise to musculoskeletal problems and the injury may not fully resolve even after the immediate symptoms have subsided. Headaches may also often be caused by stress related problems. Since headaches can be caused by some or all of these different factors, it makes sense to work with more than one specialist healthcare clinician to develop an effective and individually-tailored treatment plan.

The Headache Clinic involves several clinicians, all highly experienced in their different fields, working together to develop a different, more comprehensive way of managing head and neck pain. By pooling their professional expertise and experience, they have developed a new, integrated approach, recognizing that, by working together, they could help patients who could not be 'cured' by any one clinician working in isolation.

The team is led by Dr Mark Brickley (Orthodontist), Judith O'Hagan (Psychotherapist) and Martin Young (Chiropractor).