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How we can help

Who will benefit from the Headache Clinic's approach?

The Headache Clinic was set up specifically to manage patients needing a multi-specialist approach. We assess each patient both as a whole, and also look in detail at neurological, musculoskeletal, psychological and dental aspects using our individual expertise.

We offer a wide range of non-invasive treatments spanning from a single chiropractic session for simpler conditions right the way to a full multidisciplinary approach for complex cases.

Martin Young sums up the reasoning behind setting up the Clinic:

“Since 2004, we have treated many patients, who had not responded to individual practitioner approaches; however, they did show long-term improvement when multi-disciplinary management targeted different aspects of their condition.

This seems obvious, so why has it not happened until now? The problem has been that co-ordinating such care is difficult; this is because clinicians need to meet regularly and review patients together. This is nearly impossible to arrange in a conventional set-up.”

The Headache Clinic is designed to resolve these issues. The results of this innovative, patient-centred approach speak for themselves: It has helped many people who believed they had tried everything. Conditions we are happy to assess include tension and stress headaches; jaw (temporomandibular) pain syndromes; common and classic migraine; late, persistent whiplash; cluster migraine; and atypical facial pain.

Do browse our website, which explains how we may help your headache problems. We have included two recent testimonials from patients who benefited from our service to show how we work and what we offer.

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