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What people are saying about The Headache Clinic


“I became one of the first patients of The Headache Clinic after seeing it recommended at my Chiropractors. I had already been seeing Martin Young, my chiropractor, for nearly 11 years and although this had helped I was still getting severe headaches. Martin suggested that because of the effect grinding my teeth had on my whole body, especially my back, maybe this clinic could help."

I was quite sceptical, especially of visiting Judith, thinking how can this kind of therapy help my headaches, severe tooth grinding and back pain? I was surprised to discover how events that have happened to me during my life, from childhood right through to losing my mum nearly 3 years ago, have all had a major impact.

As a part of this care I have been talking things through with Judith who has helped me adopt a new way of thinking. I feel a lot happier with my past and the present thanks to the clinical team. After 11 years of hoping for a cure I am finally seeing big improvements.”


“"I live in London and have had daily headaches for seven years. Over the years I have seen leading consultants for neurology, ENT, migraines and pain management. Each consultant was enthusiastic, initially, convinced they would be able to help."

Having made no progress in London, I started looking around for options in Dorset, where my parents live. Last September I met Martin and Mark and at last things began to change dramatically as they endeavoured to work together to resolve my headaches. I was not just prescribed medication to mask the problem; for the first time my face was examined, as they were keen to find and address the root cause.

I have made regular trips down to Somerset and they worked together to fit a splint that would hold my jaw in the corrected position. I am extremely thankful to them both as they never once gave up on me and thrived on the challenge of curing my headaches, working very well as a team. Gradually the headaches have eased; the first day I was headache-free I had butterflies of excitement all day, due to being just pain-free!”