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Approach to treatment

There is a wealth of research that shows chronic headaches can respond to dental, chiropractic and life style interventions – as the testimonials above explain. Let's introduce what each one of us has to offer.

The initial screening is FREE. You will meet each of us and see how The Headache Clinic approach may be able to help; we get a chance to screen your problems and determine whether your problem is amenable to our approach.

Dental and occlusal management - Dr Mark Brickley

Dental factors are often a major causative factor contributing to head and neck pain. Many headaches are induced by patients grinding or clenching their teeth at night due to the poor way their teeth 'fit' together. Part of our service includes a full occlusal check. When dental factors are contributing, they can be resolved by wearing specially constructed non-invasive splints, which look like a mouth guard. More complex treatments (including orthodontics and occlusal adjustment) are also available.

Chiropractic management - Martin Young

There is significant evidence that chronic head and neck pain can be caused by biomechanical dysfunction in the neck and upper thoracic spine. Research suggests this may be a component in as many as 90% of headache cases. Recent conclusions from the NHS Bone & Joint Task Force on Neck Pain suggest that treatments typically offered by chiropractors – manipulation, myofascial dry needling technique, exercise, mobilization, massage and ergonomic and postural advice – comprised the most effective approach to dealing with neck problems, particularly those that lead to headaches.

Mind management - Judith O'Hagan

Some headaches have a psychological component. This does not mean that "it is all in the imagination" or that "it can be cured by effort of will, mind over matter". Sometimes there are traumas and difficult events in the past, which have never been satisfactorily resolved. Or there may be current or past situations that lead to frustration or anxiety because they cannot be openly discussed. It sometimes seems that no change is possible, and these pressures can be a strong contributing factor to persistent headaches. Psychotherapy can help to identify where change is possible, and offer tools and techniques to resolve these tensions.

Referrals and making your initial appointment

It is very simple to arrange an introductory appointment with The Headache Clinic – but please phone first. We are happy to see patients referred by their healthcare professional. We are equally happy to see patients who wish to arrange a consultation themselves.

The initial meeting, which is free of charge or obligation, is normally with the team leaders and comprises a detailed history, followed by screening to identify individual neurologiclal, musculoskeletal, occlusal, dental and lifestyle components of each patient. If treatment is appropriate, we will develop an integrated treatment plan based on your individual needs and discuss likely costs; if we can't help you, we will endeavour to tell you who can!